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Name:Jessica Sheppard Gilbert
Birthdate:Jun 17
obsessive person with many faces - a psychic vampire leaves her traces

When the young Isobel Flemming went into labor a month early due to complications, the man delivering her baby, Grayson Gilbert, was able to halt the birth of the second child in her womb. Born a month after Elena Gilbert and adopted by distant relatives of Isobel who lived in Atlanta, in contrast Jessica had a much different life than her twin... with a few exceptions. Elena's twin spent much of her childhood alone, finding it difficult to connect with other kids, usually because of the things she saw and sensed. Spirits, visions of the past through the lingering thoughts of individuals, dreams of the future, being able to feel what others felt... having such a strong sixth sense often set her apart and she keenly felt her difference from them, no matter how hard she tried to fit in. She was raised by a wealthy family, and although her parents divorced when she was two, she had her adopted father - a utilities mogul named Patrick - and two older brothers named Dave and John. Their father planned their lives for them when they were children, but like John and unlike Dave, Jessie often fought with her father about their views on what her future should be. After her beloved brother joined the United States Air Force, she ran away from home at the age of fourteen.

It was then that she was found by a young man by the name of Ethan Fell, a vampire and former consort of her doppleganger, Katherine Pierce. She fell in love with him immediately, and in her naiveté, never realized that she was simply a replacement for him; until one morning when she awoke and went about finding him in the house, only to discover his charred remains in their back yard, next to her grinning vampiric lookalike who was holding the ring that protected him from the lethal rays of the sun. Katherine told her everything, about why he had wanted her in the first place, then left her in desolation to pick up the pieces. Jessica then contacted her adopted mother and begged her to take her home... but in the dark and the rain, Katherine appeared before them and her mother swerved, hitting a guard rail and flipping the car. The girl was miraculously thrown from the wreckage, and made her way to the wrecked vehicle and her mother's corpse. Left alone, she returned to her home town, only to find that her friends had been made by Katherine to hate her, either by mind compulsion or by Katherine's actions toward them in Jessica's guise. She lapsed into depression, distancing herself from people, unable to trust anyone. After months of being consumed by pain and survivor's guilt, she started to dye her hair black and grew it long in some attempt to change her appearance - both to set herself apart from Katherine for others, and so that she could simply look in the mirror without remembering so much. After four years of living alone, she was found by her biological mother and learned of her twin sister's existence, and the very real threat of the same thing happening to Elena as had happened to her. That thought was unbearable to her, but at the same time, she had to be sure... sure that Elena was real, that this wasn't some other game of her lookalike's. But even if it was, she had to know. Some part of her hopes that Katherine will finally let her die.

Elena's sister seems cold and aloof at most times, finding it hard to express her emotions to others for fear of rejection, or worse. She uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism, as a way of dealing with the world around her - as she sees it, "You have to find the humor in life, or you'll just snap." She wears a silver costume ring on her left middle finger containing the herb vervain in the heart-shaped setting, but doesn't ingest the herb itself. Jess tries to be a good person and despises liars and subterfuge, but at times she has trouble reigning in her anger or anxiety attacks. Like her older brother John, she likes fighting and strategy, her demeanor hiding a calculating cleverness that she prefers to keep underestimated. Being a psychic vampire and an empath doesn't help things either, adding to it the fact that she goes months without actively feeding so that occasionally she unconsciously sends herself out in dreams to people she knows and has cravings for human blood when she's starving, she sometimes has trouble with both sides of her battling for dominance - her humanity and pain against her hunger and rage. Because of this she tends to suppress her emotions when in the company of others, preferring instead to deal with things in private.
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